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Q. How often must I do the Fire Safety & Shelter in place training?

A. Annually

Q. Where can I go to get this training?

A. Various locations. The PA Early Learning Key ( provides a calendar of events which includes fire safety classes.

Q. Is there a fee for the training?

A. The Fire Department, at this time, does not charge a fee for the training.

Q. I am a child care provider. Can the training be conducted at my center?

A. Yes. However, you must have at least 10 people during business hours and a minimum of 20 people after business hours.

Q. How long is the training?

A. 1 to 1-1/2 hours

Q. Does the trainer have a PA Quality Assurance number (PQAS)?

A. Most of them do. If this is what you need you must request it.

Q. Do you provide a certificate?

A. Yes.

Q. How soon can they do the training at my center?

A. You should call at least 3 weeks in advance.

Q. Do I need any special equipment for the training?

A. TV, DVD player and pencils/pens.

Q. Does this training meet the DPW requirements?

A. Yes.

Q. I'm opening a new day-care and L&I says I need a fire inspection.

A. If you have completed the necessary steps, the next one is to contact 311 and request a fire inspection. This too, is conducted by L&I.

Q. L&I said to contact you to get my evacuation plan stamped.

A. If your "Occupancy Classification" is an I-4, yes we can do that. However, you need to schedule an appointment for a "walk-through" before we can approve the evacuation procedure.

Q. I have an assisted living/personal care home?

A. We provide fire safety and shelter in place training as required by PA Code 55 Chapter 2600.

Q. I need an observed fire drill, can you help?

A. Yes or we can send the local fire company.

Q. DPW says that my personal care facility needs a fire safety inspection by the fire safety specialist. Can you do this, too?

A. Yes, or we can send the local fire company.