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School's FAQ

Q. What does the Fire Department's Youth Team do?

A. The Youth Education Team provides Residential Fire Safety Education for students in all Philadelphia Schools, public, private, parochial and charter, free of charge.

Q. Will you come out to my child's after school activity and do a presentation?

A. The Youth Education Team also services libraries, after-school, summer camps, Boy Scout meetings, Girl Scout meetings, and any other youth programs during normal working hours.

Q. What is Residential Fire Safety Education?

A. The Residential Fire Safety Program is tailored to the age or grades present and includes cooking safety, electrical hazards, scalding awareness shelter in place, Junior Fire Patrols and other safety subjects.

Q. How do I get the Youth Team out to my school?

A. Programs can be scheduled by calling the Youth Education Team at 215-686-1312 or 215-686-1383.

Q. How far in advance do I need to schedule a program for my school?

A. Schools should make their requests as early as possible. Programs are scheduled on a first come, first served basis, although emergency situations (such as a fire fatality of a student or student family member) will receive consideration.

Q. How often should a school do an evacuation or fire drill?

A. School are required to do 8 fire drills yearly and 2 shelter in place.

Q. Who do we contact to observe?

A. You can contact your local fire house to observe the drills.

Q. Who can I contact for help with planning our schools Fire Drills and Shelter in Place Plans?

A. For help with planning drills and setting up Shelter in Place plans, they can contact the Philadelphia School District Office of Climate and Safety at 215-400-4710.