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Fire Sprinklers FAQ

Q. If one sprinkler goes off, don't they all go off?

A. No, only the sprinkler over the fire will activate. So, fire in a kitchen will activate only the sprinkler in that room and 90% of fires are stopped by a single sprinkler head. A home fire sprinkler system is like having a firefighter on duty 24 hours a day. Is there any chance the sprinklers will go off accidentally? The chances of an accidental actuation have been estimated at 1:16,000,000 (one in sixteen million).

Q. Do sprinklers cause water damage?

A. Sprinklers are designed to start putting water on a fire while it is still small, in the early stages of development, before it gets to the flashover point. Not nearly as much water is required; a residential sprinkler flows 10 to 25 gallons per minute. The fire department uses hoses that flow 250 gallons per minute. The property loss in a home with residential sprinklers is only a fraction of the loss in a home with no sprinklers

Q. Why do I need sprinklers if I have a smoke detector?

A. Smoke detectors will save lives by providing a warning of smoke existence, Too often, battery operated smoke detectors fail to function because the batteries are dead or have been removed. The combination of smoke detectors and sprinkler systems can reduce the loss of life by 98.5%

Q. Can sprinkler systems be visually pleasing?

A. Sprinklers can be neatly concealed with no more than a ¾" cap showing. Custom caps and covers are available in a range of colors. Ceiling and sidewall mount sprinkler heads blend into your home d├ęcor, and yet are effective fire protection. You can even receive an insurance discount for having sprinklers


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